Title :

Fringe Benefits

Author :

Natalie Alder

Series :

The Tapestry Series #4

Release date : January 25th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

When William Becker, owner of a prestigious race horse farm, strikes a deal with Watchover Farm it puts him in touch with the farm’s beautiful broodmare manager, Leslie Scott. Just released from prison, Leslie’s dangerous ex-boyfriend is out to get her and a disgruntled former barn hand of William’s is only too willing to help him get to Leslie, the fringe benefit of William’s lucrative deal. If she escapes this killer, will she escape the next potential killer waiting in the wings? Can William handle all that comes with loving Leslie?

Review :

What a complex and at the same time touching book! After reading the first three books of the series, I was hooked to receive book number 4 of “The Tapestry”-series by Natalie Alder. Thanks for this!

In this book,this talented author introduces us to Leslie whose past forces her to living a life in fear and terror.
She added so many different and at the same time interesting aspects to the story which made it almost impossible to put it away.
There is not just this farm life which seems to be the most important aspect when you look at the cover. There is so much more to explore!
I really enjoyed following the story-line, but even more I loved watching the awesomely developed characters and the change they undergo throughout the course of action. Definetly my highlight!
This book really connects a lot of different things that happened also ,in the past, which makes this book really complex, definetly meant in a positive way.
Following Leslie´s thoughts was so interesting as she has so many different sides. Combined with the different strings of the storyline(some that even refer to the previous three books of the series), it was a joy reading this book even though not everything in this book is just about rainbows and unicorns.
You get funny, sexy, scary, touching, ….etc. scenes. Scenes about betrayal and love which take you on a journey you won´t regret. So yes, I definetly recommend this book to you!
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