Title :

Blindsiding Love

Author :

Giulia Bonomi

Series :


Release date : September 21st 2015
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :

New York City born and bred, Cecilia Blake is a bubbly and energetic fashion-designer-in-the-making with careful life plans that could as well span centuries and dreams too big and important to be stifled by fleeting tales of love or demanding relationships. But after quite literally bumping into a handsome stranger complete with alluring British accent and adorable dimples and sharing a rather unpleasant conversation with him right in the middle of Manhattan – so, sue her… how was she supposed to know that he was blind? – her life takes an unexpected turn and seems to intertwine with the man’s one, which appears to be full of secrets. And when she at last finds herself in front of this mysterious Dashiell again? Well, neither of them is all too impressed. (All right, that’s a lie: one of them is very impressed, too bad the other still thinks that they’re an insufferable jerk. Details.)

Review :

Looking for a nice a little “Beauty and Beast” touched story … ? Well I might suggest “Blindsiding Love” by Giulia Bonomi as it is a really sweet story…

You wonder why I say “I might” – because I am not sure…
As I said the story is nice … no let me rephrase … actually it is wonderful … now comes the BUT …THIS BOOK NEEDS A REEDITING
…like yesterday… after finishing I read several reviews and now I believe strongly I am not alone with this oppinion…
Everything about “liking” or “Not liking” a book can totally be “a personal thing or to be discussed” BUT … seriously if I EVER freak out because I hear someone again mention the words “the Blonde” or “the Brit” it will be blaming this book for it.
It was overdone to the point of hurting the story as I was shortly before a DNF just because of that. I really never read a book with such a strange PoV.
But still the plot itself made it worth reading and with a good re-edit and a new cover this might be a 4-5 star read
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so I am SORT OF recommending this Book

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