Title :

Alyssa’s Redemption

Author :

Karly Morgan

Series :

Redemption #1

Release date : Jan 8, 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

After the devastating loss of everything and everyone she loves most, Alyssa is quietly trying to pick up the pieces of her life and stay in the shadows. Still, she can’t shake the memories of how Eric Lewis, the man she thought she was going to marry, destroyed her and left her life in shambles. Working in a skeevy bar, Alyssa never expects to run into anyone from her past, until the night Cameron Lewis, Eric’s brother, walks in and shakes her world again. She’s desperate to run—after all, if Cameron found her, then his brother could too—but can she afford to run from the man who’s quickly stealing her heart? Cameron bought the sleazy bar to avenge a wronged friend. Never in a million years did he imagine his brother’s ex-girlfriend was so desperate to survive that she would be willing to work in the bar’s horrid conditions. Cameron has no idea what devastation his brother wreaked in Alyssa’s life, but he’s determined to find out, and he feels compelled to protect her. But is he just trying to protect a girl he’d once considered family, or is there more brewing under the surface? Could he fall in love with the woman he’d always thought would be his sister-in-law? When Eric steps back into the picture, things get even more complicated. Will Alyssa and Cameron forge a bond that can’t be broken in the turmoil, or will family loyalties and the echoes of a tragic past tear them apart?

Review :

Alyssa’s Redemption by Karly Morgan was a very complex and surprising story. I think it is written very well and has a complex and well developed storyline.

The leading characters were strong and the supporting characters were almost equally strong developed – IN FACT – they were so well developed that I want to hear more about them.
You will not hear that often from me as I am usually complaining about lacking depth or missing information’s. Actually this book hat too much of that sometimes and interesting enough in a way that interferes in the way the reader is thinking.
For example – if you are reading a detective novel and someone is mentioning that a alarm system was turned on or off at certain times – you as a reader expect that at a certain point something will happen that will have something to do with that alarm system. Here in this novel the turning on or off of the alarm system were mentioned at an alarming frequency – without anything happening – as well as several other tiny facts that were just TMI (too much information) at a given point.
On the other hand – that Alyssa was supposed to have an OCD about cleaning was only showing up maybe 3 times ? and I only noticed because it was mentioned. So while the story was really good – the whole plot balance was well -…. Unbalanced ?
Anyway … the book leaves me with questions … but funny enough not about the leading characters … but about Eric and Jake… I already know there is more about Jake – but still I wonder about Eric …
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