Author : C.M. Steele
Release date:10 Apr 2016
Rating : 2 Stars
Blurb :

When life leaves you scarred…

Dexter Price hadn’t been the same since the day he lost his family and became scarred. Living with physical and emotional scars made him the angry loner that he was. Never thinking of a future with a family, he worked his life away…until one of his morning…
Elena Collins had her own scars that left her distant and all alone. A run in the park changed everything. After being knocked down by a careless bicyclist, she received a helping hand up from a man who she only knew from afar, but who had an important part to play in her past.
Their scars kept them from others, but brought them together. Can how they got them tear them apart?
Review :

I learned a long time ago that even when you thought you read about everything that there is to read – there will always be something that will AGAIN surprise you.

Sometimes unfortunately not in a good way.
Really liking the Blurb – I chose to read “Scarred” by C.M. Steele – and like I thought the plot was well developed and the characters were interesting.
But that is also the only point I can give as credit to this book. I am aware that short novels will almost never be able to give the reader the full intensity and feelings some of us desire and I am willing to work with this.
This book however brought the word SHORT to a whole new level and I would actually rename it from “Short” Story to “Fast-Forward” Story. The whole time during reading I felt that I would really come to like the characters if at least one single time the author would allow me to breathe and think about it.
Unfortunately however it was like I was watching a movie with the fast forward button pressed and no way of changing it to play. I could see the whole story running away in front of me and it made me angry.
There was something good here but it does not work out the way it is told.
In my very personal Opinion there are parts that need to be cut out to lessen the food of details that is overwhelming the reader OR this book has to be filled up to become a normal length novel with more “breathing room” for the reader.
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