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Linda Mooney

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Release date : February 14, 2014
Rating : 5 Stars
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Miranda Sayers’s best friend is her wheelchair. It has been her refuge for most of her twenty-six years. But the time has come when her grandmother can no longer help take care of her. Now Randi is faced with having to survive on her own, and unfortunately that future doesn’t look promising.Collin First’s job on Earth is to find the Ducts between his world and this one. As an Extinguisher, he has to eliminate those passageways before any of the dangerous creatures from Sandeflay can pass through and harm any humans. The last thing he expected when he took the assignment was to find was the beautiful, crippled woman living one floor below his apartment.Before either of them can contend with the impossibility of their relationship, Randi and Collin are thrown together, seeking each other’s love and help. And when circumstances force Randi to follow Collin to Sandeflay, the greatest miracle of all awaits them both.

Review :

When I found “Sandeflay” by Linda Mooney on Goodreads I thought the Blurb was so interesting that I decided to ignore that the rating was not the best. I honestly believe that ratings with less than 100 participants are not necessarily significant for my personal view on a book.

So I decided to give it a try – but as usual when you read so much, the book went on “ a shelf “ and stayed there for quite a while until I came across it last week again. I had some hours reading to spare and gave it a go AND I am honestly happy I did … now my only question left is “WHY does this book have only so few ratings?”
The author took great care to develop a real intriguing plot. She basically designed a whole world that is so complex it would deserve to be a series instead of only a single book. The writing is flawless and the characters are developed to something even more than complete.
The whole storyline is so sweet that I could even ignore the almost Insta love that happened between the leading characters. The whole background story took so much of my attention that it was quite easy to ignore any upcoming question in that area.
Which is a rare case to happen to me. I truly feel this is a solid 4 stars book that needs far more attention than it received so far and that is why I am rating it with an extra star for the originality of this complex background plot, because I have seen books with far less storyline and better (undeserved) ratings.
My advice would be to change the blurb on Goodreads to something that captures more attention because the existing one does not really do justice to the actual book.
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