Title:Remembering You
Author : Audra North
Release date:12 Apr 2016
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :

He’s in hot pursuit…and she’s determined not to become a casualty of love.A Pushing the Boundaries PrequelSWAT officer Ben Crewes has never forgotten the mystery woman whose voicecomforted him in the night after he was shot in the line of duty. A voice he never managed to connect with a face.Years later, a chance encounter with reporter Nina Lang feels strangely familiar, andalthough he regards bloodsucking newshounds with the same contempt as perps, he feels something he hasn’t felt since that sexy voice soothed him in the darkness.Long ago, Nina learned the risks involved with men in dangerous professions. Butby the time she realizes he belongs to the voice from that long-ago night, the connection sizzling between them is too hot to stamp out without leaving a mark on her soul.The smart move would be to walk away. Before she gives in to the kind of heat thatforges futures—the kind that could simply end in another painful memory.Warning: An officer who’s cool under pressure, a woman who blows that cool all to hell, and a fender bender that leads to an exchange of more than just insurance cards.

Review :

“Remembering You” was my first book by Audra North, so I am in no position to judge if it is her usual writing style.

But as far as the plot of this book is concerned I felt there was missing something and I am still not totally sure what it was.
The plot was interesting so I felt lucky to be able to receive an ARC for review and the beginning was promising.
But I struggled with the developing relationship between the leading characters. The story would have needed a deeper impact a deeper development of their character. But to me they appeared too superficial.
I would have needed more to be able to relate to the characters, so even if the plotline was interesting the characters themselves were not able to draw me into the story.
But this might be only me and the next reader could be fully enjoying this story so do not let my feelings stop you from reading this book.
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