Title:No Angel
Author : Tara Hart
Release date:April 18th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :
Charlie Hunt is a slut.
Have you ever let one word define you? Allowed one single word to shape your reality? I have. I’m not the girl you take home to meet your parents. I’m the opposite. I’m a sure thing with no strings attached, but one college jock took it too far, and for once, I’m the person who needs saving.
Evan Dawson is lost.
I never imagined myself back here, in my childhood home, looking after my wayward brother, but here I am. This isn’t the life I planned for, but as soon as I set eyes on her, everything made perfect sense. The reason I’m here, the purpose of my existence is to be with this girl and make her see her worth.
For Charlie and Evan the journey has never been easy, but can two complete opposites become one whole? Or will Charlie’s reputation tear them apart?
No Angel is intended for readers over 18 years of age. It contains graphic sexual scenarios and strong language.
Review :

You can learn a lot about judgement and the prejudices from Tara Hart’s new book “No Angel”.

Charlie and Evan give the reader a new perception on things.
If you are honest with ourselves – how often have we judged people based on stuff we heard others telling us about them without even knowing how much of it is true?
I connected with a lot of things Charlie thought but also Evan was right on a lot of stuff. Surely there were some wrongs in their thoughts and idea’s too, there needed to be, because otherwise this story would not have had a single twist or turn.
I think this book gave me a little insight in some things I never understood when they were mentioned in other novels … so yes I really learned something I hope.
The story is well told and definitively the author poured her heart into it – so yes I liked my first novel by this author and I would like to recommend to read it to you if you feel the blurb might be interesting to you
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