Title:Falling Star
Author :Brandy L. Rivers
Release date:April 26th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

One day of hell changed her forever. Ella Cross wanted to bury her on-screen persona even before her abduction. Being in the spotlight grew worse after the ordeal. She left Raven Star behind to find herself again. A fresh start. No ties to her past. In a small town where only her oldest friend knows who she was, she believes her secrets are safe. But secrets never stay hidden forever. Sooner or later the past always resurfaces. Then she meets him. Trent Ward can’t resist his new neighbor. Ella is familiar, but he can’t place why. He knows she’s running from something. As much as he wants to protect her, he wants to unravel her mystery.Between his demons and her past, Trent may not have the strength to explore the growing connection to Ella.Will he save her from her worst nightmare?

Review :

When I opened “Falling Star” by Brandy L. Rivers and read the first pages I never expected this much action.

So it was a really surprising read with quite a bit of suspense in it.
One thing I would like to remark though is that for me the cover picture in way represents the story of the book – unless it was intended to show Raven Star in her old life – in no way this cover could represent Ella and Trent.
The Blurb sounded like an interesting romance but it turned out to be even a little better than I thought.
There were some holes inside the story and at a few occasions the dialogue felt forced to me, but in total that did not take away too much from the book.
I enjoyed the writing style and I felt entertained throughout the whole story.
The author gave attention to details and put a lot of thought into the characters biography – which in total only added to the entertainment.
#Recommendable Read
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