Title:Brotherhood of Misfits: Paul
Author :Khai L. Bayne
Series:BoM #2
Release date:April 16th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Not all things that glitter are made of gold.My name is Paul Kian McKinnon. I grew up with upper class, wealthy parents who had successful jobs, the best education money could buy, friends in all the most popular circles, and of course ideal grades. My good fortune spilled over into my adult life. To most people my life is what you would call privileged. At first glance you would think I have everything together, healthy bank account, beautiful house, good job, and great friends. Everything is perfect, until… The door to the outside world closes.At home everything falls apart.

In this place, I am my most vulnerable. Every night I try silence my inner demons in a sea of sleeping pills and alcohol, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes it gets to be too much and I need to do more than simply just dull the anxiety, pain, and the all-encompassing numbness. Yes, I know it’s not healthy, but it’s all I have… Well that and my brothers, the Misfits as we are called.
We were all brought together thanks to the kindness of Jethro-Elijah Shepard. Through his compassionate heart and stern beliefs, we’ve grown up together into strong, loyal, friends. We’ve celebrated each other’s wins, as well as comforting each other in our loses. Those men have been more of a family to me than my own flesh and blood, and yet I still can’t bring myself to share the darkest parts of me. They won’t understand because they see me just as the rest of the world does… Perfect.
What would happen if I dropped the mask and let it splinter like the pieces of my broken soul?
Would they save me?
The better question is… Do I want to save myself, or do I just want to fade away into the abyss of pain and suffering?
Am I ready to peel away the beautiful covering and let them look at the ugliness underneath?In order to find out you’ll have to read my story, and trust me when I say… it won’t be for the faint of heart.
(This is the Second book in the Brotherhood of Misfits series. It can be a stand alone BUT to full get to know the characters it is best to read Book One.)
Review :

When I came across the “Brotherhood of Misfits” series by Khai L. Bayne, I was originally only requested to read Book 2 “Paul” – but I had somehow the feeling that would not be a good Idea so I requested to read also the first book “Roc” – which was the right decision. My review here is equally valid for both books.

You might be able to read them as standalones but the story is very complex and the relationships between the characters are not easy to handle. So I felt that you will need the full knowledge on everything to keep up with this fast paced novel. The leading characters are dark and gritty at their best times and mysterious bordering (looking for the right word) crazy? at their worst. But somehow this intense plotline works out.
Sometimes during reading you were wondering where the story is heading as there are several threads woven into a complex construct. And I must admit at times I lost focus on the main character of the book as the story equally enfolds for several characters. And while one seems to be the lead for the book, the others still have a lot to contribute.
You can already feel the next stories coming up with big question marks. Usually that happens on the sidelines of the original story but not so with this plot – here the sidelines happen in-between the story focus. There were a lot of “firsts” for me within the storyline of these books and I would have to spoiler too much to explain my mixed up feelings.
For example the fact alone, that it was a GUY that was in the position that Paul was in – was a first for me. Parts of the story are not pretty or for the faint of heart. So be warned there are no unicorns or Hearts drawn around the Book Cover for a reason.
I am not sure if I could say this would be a favorite book of mine – The jury is still out on that vote as this complex story is not at its end. Roc and Paul may have told their parts so far but this is neither a HEA in the conventional way nor a cliffhanger by all means.
And I feel this is a series you need to read all the books of to come to a vote. But I can say for sure that it has been a long time since I read such an confusing and complex plot.
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