Title :

His Muse Book III: Inspiration

Author :

Coral F. Black

Series :

His Muse Book III

Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Daniel Baldessari is the gorgeous, sexy, powerful dream man who takes me into white hot ecstasy.It sounds cheesy, but after what happened, he’s also my hero, a word I’ve never used about anyone before.But there’s something he’s hiding, some dark secret I don’t understand.I’m afraid it will consume us both.Unless I find the strength to intervene.

Review :

Here we finally have the final book of this very good series that surprised me from the very beginning on.

In the first two books you are left confused with a lot of questions and no answers. Answers you are waiting for with reading the last book of this series. And what I can say is: you will get them! I can just repeat again how much I love the way the two characters interact, how much of an fiery chemistry they create. But what I like even more is the way their relationship changes in this book as both protagonists realize more things than they want to admit.

It´s easy to get lost in these books as the writing is touching while not being to cheesy. And not to forget: the basicstory reallyis unique. I love wht Coral F. Black did- a damn good job! Definetly an author I will keep an eye on in the future. Thanks for sharing this awesome story with us!
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