Title :

His Muse Book II: Pedestal

Author: Coral F. Black
Series :

His Muse Book II

Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Young, innocent but determined Twyla Colton has just arrived in Los Angeles where she hopes to make enough money modeling to support her younger brother, Jack, back in Ohio. But on her first big shoot, Twyla meets the sexy, gorgeous fashion photographer Daniel Baldessari. The chemistry between them threatens to burn down his beautiful Italian villa but there’s a hardness about Daniel that Twyla can’t penetrate. Who is this beautiful, maddening man? And what secrets is he hiding?

Review :

What should I say…. Coral F. Black? This is so not fair! I wanted answers, not more secrets! Now I am left with just one more book left while still having more questions than answers. But you know what? It´s worth it! Because this again was a steamy, emotional read that leaves you panting for air! You can see how the characters developed, not only individually, but also as an item . Even if you intentionally know already in the beginning of the book that Daniel is not so easy to read, you still want to read the second book. Because you know that in the last book, hopefully, you finally will get answers…. So eyes, I am going to end this review at this pont, because I have a mission to complete: finding out who Daniel really is….

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