Title :

Fury Scorned

Author :

Nicola R. White

Series :

New England Furies #2

Release date : November 2015
Rating : 3.5 Stars
Blurb :

Tattoos? Check.Stripper heels? Check.Ancient Greek Fury living in her head? Check.Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Alex Hughes has always known what people think of her—and working as an exotic dancer hasn’t exactly helped her image. But since bonding with a Greek goddess of vengeance six months ago, Alex has had bigger problems. Like dealing with the Spartans, the outlaw biker gang with supernatural connections terrorizing Boston.And then there’s Tyler Kelly…Tall, dark, and sexy, the ex-Navy SEAL is a deadly fighter and a potential lover. But Alex is more comfortable kicking ass than facing her feelings, and none of the men or women she’s dated in the past have made her feel the way Ty does. As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, she discovers there’s no wound like a bruised ego when she takes on the goddess behind the Spartans’ reign of terror—and loses. Alex’s faith in herself is shaken as enemies turn out to be allies and friends offer betrayal. But as the saying goes…Hell has no Fury like a woman scorned.

Review :

Fury Scorned is the second book in the New England Furies Series.

Overall I really enjoyed this book.
Alex is paired with the Fury Megaera ‘The Jealous One’ Each fury is born with a flaw and always requires a human host.I liked Alex and I didn’t.
I don’t give a shit that she is a stripper but in my opinion she gave me whiplash. She was confident and kick ass and then self-conscious, insecure and unsure.
We meet Ty in the first book as he is helping out Jackson and Tara and there is instant chemistry between the two.
In this book they were hardly together and when they were they had their issues. I wanted more So the plot thickens we find out that is bigger than we expected. The Octo squad, Apathe and Nemesis and their other six siblings are trying to help save Pandora.
We see Charon, the Underworld, Thantos and other interesting greek personas from mythology.
I laughed a lot in this book. Ms. White has written an interesting story and plot with this book.
Although I sometimes got confused with the information overload. Pluto is the Roman name but this is all Greek mythology. So why not Hades? Which irritated me but the nerd that I am I looked it up and Pluto is also used in Greek mythology. Sorry Ms. White but I just had to double check.
There are new developments, Graves officially works for the FBI. There is a Spartan MC making problems and Mark Young an undercover agent who turns against the FBI and helps Melissa, a fury that was captured by Graves.
I will most certainly continue in the series. Book given to me by the lovely Ms. White in exchange for a honest review. Images provided by Ms. White.
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