Title :

Deep Blue

Author :

Dawn Prough

Series :


Release date : November 3rd 2015
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :

When Maia moved to Sitka, Alaska, she planned on a quiet life. Men had gotten her in trouble before, and she had no plans to get involved with one again. She didn’t plan on Officer James Gerard of the Sitka Police Department to be so interesting, or handsome. She didn’t plan on him returning her interest. And she definitely didn’t plan on him being the only person who could save her when her secrets caught up to her.The sexy newcomer to town caught James’s eye immediately, but he wasn’t sure she could handle his world. As his clan reminded him over and over, it takes more than a pretty face or winning personality to marry into the clan. When her past put her in danger, he risks his own secrets to save to try to her.Deep Blue is the first story in the Accord Series. It is an 11,000 novelette, with more stories coming in the future!

Review :

I was a beta reader for this book about two years ago. Due to some ups and downs the novella has been released now. This is a great short and sweet novella. Whereas it is a shifter novel it isn’t your typical shifter novel. Maia is from Florida and she is on the run. The one place where she thinks that she cannot be found is Alaska. So she buys a small island with a cabinfor solitude and self preservation. James works for the Sitka Police Department and has had his eye on Maia since she has moved to Sitka. She is attracted to James and vice versa but doesn’t want to act on it as she feels that she is in enough trouble. While kayaking she under estimates the weather and rows herself into a storm and that is when she gets saved by a killer whale. A shifter pod of whales? I mean how unique is that? Love the idea. So James and his pod. His sister is the leader don’t save her once but also twice. Maia’s past catches up with her. But it all ends well.

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