Title :

Antebellum Soul: Here & Now

Author :

Reatha Beauregard

Series :


Release date : November 3rd 2015
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :

Vampires, werewolves, voodoo…It’s always stranger in Louisiana. Randi Browne is quite literally on a quest to find herself when she arrives in Lafayette. She’s also on the run from the cops for impersonating someone else, but the law is the least of her worries. There’s something on the hunt for her, something dark and sinister that won’t stop until she’s dead. Can someone from her forgotten past be the key to her survival? The only reason Isaac Bertrand lets the runaway, Randi, move in with him is because he owes somebody a favor. But with things heating up between Isaac’s band of vampires and a werewolf biker gang, distractions like the sexy houseguest could prove deadly. Randi reminds Isaac of the antebellum adventuress who broke his frostbitten heart. Can he trust the past not to repeat itself? Step into a world where history never dies and the thrills last forever. This book is packed with mystery, sex and magic, and you won’t want to put it down! Add this paranormal romance masterpiece to your collection today.

Review :

Waking up in the middle of nowhere not knowing who you are is frightening. Being told that you are Myranda Avant and sticking to the lie although you know the truth is cruel to all parties involved.

Randi Browne doesn’t know who she is. She goes to the one place that she was found so many years ago back to Lafayette. Where strange things start to happen.
At the beginning of the book first three pages I thought that Myranda was going to be spoilt brat so in all honesty I nearly stopped reading after that it did pick up but there were still times where it waned with what was going on.
Now this is just my personal opinion but I couldn’t connect to the main couple that well. I loved Randi by herself, Isaac by himself was okay as well but together, erm no.
This was well written and the main characters as well as the secondary characters are appealing and Randi’s character development is a constant throughout the book.
The ideas and the plot to the story was good but there were too many good ideas in this book for me anyway.
There was an element of voodoo (which I loved) time travelling (also a nice spin to the story) That the wolves and the vampires were rivals was a good balance as well.
But the mix of the hybrid was just too much for my liking.
So this is really important to me if there is going to be a cliffhanger than this needs to be added to the blurb because I was peeved.
I assumed that this book was a standalone.
3 ‘wicked is as wicked does’ Stars
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