Title :

Waking Hearts

Author :

Elizabeth Hunter

Series :

Cambio Springs #3

Release date : November 24th 2015
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

When everything you’ve longed for is standing right in front of you, would you find the courage to chase it when you’ve given up on dreams? Fox shifter Alison Smith gave up on happy endings when her ex-husband walked out, but that didn’t mean she was allowed to give up on happy. With four growing kids, Allie is determined to look on the bright side and carry on, even when life seems to keep kicking the girl who’s fallen down. Four kids, two jobs, and a pile of debt left over from her ex seem overwhelming most days. Luckily, Allie has the best friends a girl could ask for. Especially a certain quiet bear who’s always been her rock. Patient. Oliver Campbell knows what it means to be patient. But twenty years of wanting one unavailable woman may have pushed him to the edge. With Allie working every night at his bar, their friendship has begun to fracture. Then old ghosts offer one more kick to the little family that’s already down, and patience is a virtue Ollie can no longer afford. Allie’s ex-husband may be gone, but his actions are haunting his family. With danger licking the borders of Cambio Springs, the bear and the fox will have to work together. And twenty years of unspoken truths may finally come to light. WAKING HEARTS is the third paranormal romance novel in the Cambio Springs Mysteries series.

Review :

Waking Hearts is the third book in the Cambio Springs series and it is by far the best book Ms. Hunter has written so far in the series as well as with all her other books.

Generally I am very Ms. Hunter biased and I worship the ground that she walks on. I would recommend reading the first books in the series.
The heroine Allie Smith was left by her husband Joe, high and dry with four kids.
In the previous books we see the trouble that they are having. Allie is a fox shifter and requires a lot of touch to keep her fox happy. Joe was denying her that. Joe has been missing for about a year now.
Allie wants to serve him the divorce papers until a body turns up dead. The plot thickens with debt and what with Joe’s gambling addiction it isn’t rosy.
Ollie Campbell is a bear shifter and the protector of their home town Cambio Springs. I frigging adore Ollie. He is tough but gooey in the inside. He does a lot for everyone and not himself. He keeps all the curious stares away and diverts them to more interesting places. He and Alex (book 2) are out on the odds of the Resort that is being built. I adored Ollie. He has been in love with Allie for 15 years old. He was amazing, Allie always had feelings for Ollie but Joe and being true to her husband where more important.
They get together after a year and sparks fly. Ollie loves Allie’s children as much as if they were his own.
Ms. Hunter knows her craft and I love her storytelling there are no open questions and she is an awesome world builder. The overall plot develops so much and the ending with what is going on with Lobo and that SPOILER there are more shifters out there. I loved the ending of Sean and his meeting and that Sean will be getting his book.
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