Title :

The Memory Jar

Author :

Elissa Janine Hoole

Series :


Release date : Apr 8, 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Since the accident, Taylor’s memory has been fuzzy. But at least she’s awake. Who knows what her boyfriend, Scott, will remember when he comes out of the coma. Will he remember that Taylor was driving the snowmobile when it crashed? Will he remember the engagement ring? Her pregnancy?Will he remember that she tried to break up with him?Taylor doesn’t know. And she doesn’t know if she wants him to remember. Plenty of things happened that night and before—secrets wrapped in secrets—that she’d prefer be forgotten.Facing choices she’d rather ignore, Taylor searches for something more solid than whispers and something bigger than blame to face the future and forgive herself.

Review :

I am not sure where to start with The Memory Jar by Elissa Janine Hoole.

Maybe with the cover … ? … because somehow this beautiful cover perfectly shows what this story feels like – at least for me.
I am not willing to reveal the plot so there is not much I can actually say without spoilers, just that in comparison to many other stories I read this book is in some points far more honest than others.
Some parts reminded me of Gayle Foreman’s book “If I stay”… at first I thought it had to be coming clearly from the common hospital setting – but after thinking a little longer I believe it was the mood that was transferred to me as a reader …
Just like that beautiful cover … it was cozy or was it ice-cold … it was beautiful or was it devastating …
There are so many mixed emotions I am experiencing ant that proves to me one thing.
No matter if I liked the ending or not – the fact that I am still thinking about this book makes it a good book
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