Title :

His Muse

Author :

Coral F. Black

Series :

His Muse I

Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

No one had ever looked at me like that. Especially not the hottest man I’d ever seen. He had the lean, tan muscles of a world class athlete, thick black hair, huge hands marbled by big veins. Before he picked up his camera to shoot, he looked at me with eyes that could have set me on fire.Nothing else mattered; he was all I wanted.But when Daniel Baldessari called me “undateable” in order to get a reaction for the perfect fashion shot, I knew I was really in trouble. And after that first shoot, things started getting even stranger. Who was the “mystery client” that wanted to hire me for an exclusive contract and was sending me gorgeous flowers and boxes of sexy silk clothing and stilettos so that I’d say yes? Why did Daniel Baldessari’s beautiful cousin keep showing up at his house? And what was the dark secret from his past that threatened to tear us apart before I could find out if this maddening man even wanted me?I knew I had to find out.

Review :

What a great first book to start this series with! Wow! When the author asked us to review this series for us , I was very interested as I never read about such a story in a blurb before. I never read a photographer-model- novel before which might is the reason why I was so exited about how this is going to work out. And what can I say? It worked out pretty well! Pretty well that includes a fast paced, steamy, sexy story!

Coral F. Black got us two main characters that create this very intense chemistry- something which also the reader can feel. I love the way she introduced us step by step to Twyla and Daniel. I really like Twyla, a strong female character that is somehow attracted to Daniel whom you just need to give some time until you will like him 😉 While at first you think of him as this arrogant male character, you know that there is something about him. Something that makes him very interesting… His secrets.
A story with pasts to discover and a present to fill with their special connection. I can´t wait to see what is going to happen in the next books.
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