Title :

Unbuttoning the CEO

Author :

Mia Sosa

Series :

The Suits Undone #1

Release date : Dec 1, 2015
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE?As the CEO of a large tech company and a semi-reformed bad boy, Ethan Hill is used to calling the shots. But when he’s sentenced to work two hundred hours of community service-for reckless driving, of all things-this chief executive needs to keep his real identity under wraps. Which gets increasingly difficult when he can’t stop thinking about his sexy new (temporary) boss. The moment Graciela Ramirez meets Ethan, she’s tempted to throw all professionalism out the window. She can’t afford to get emotionally involved, but after a steamy session behind office doors, a no-strings-attached fling might be exactly what they need. He’ll protect his secret. She’ll protect her heart. What could possibly go wrong?

Review :

I could not help but like “Unbuttoning the CEO” by Mia Sosa, which is the first book in the ”The Suits Undone” series and as far as I know the debut novel by this author. While it was full of cliché settings it was well written and an entertaining read. The characters were well developed and I really came to like the setting, as predictable as it might have been. If you are looking for an easy romance without to much hang ups this is definitely your book and I will be sure to have a look in the next one of this series.

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