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Brooke Harris

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Release date : Dec 4, 2015
Rating : 4 Stars
I like fast cars, beautiful women and great sex. I hate drugs. I can’t stand the idiots who take them and I loathe the bastards who supply them. Drugs cost me my whole world. I wear many faces; right now I’m Doctor Lucas Callaghan and I’ll be him until I get my revenge. My real name will be the last words to ever pass their lips.
I hate my name, Aoife Brennan, as soon as people hear it they treat me differently because of my father. Medical school isn’t my dream, it’s his. But, it’s the least I owe him after everything I’ve done. I’m trying to be a good girl, but even good girls make mistakes.
He’s lying about who he is, she’s kidding herself about who she can be. They’re polar opposites with one very big secret in common.
Review :

Yes … Scrubs by Brooke Harris is one of “those” books ….

Those that at first make you doubt but when you hold onto them they surprise you. After reading like 10% or so – I almost did not continue my reading – I have this 3 chapter / 10% rule – I love reading but my time is precious … so I was struggling in my decision if I should continue or not it was not an easy decision.
I am glad that I continued because suddenly my interest was piqued again and I found myself in well developed mystery that until the very end of this book leaves many open questions for the reader.
And yes you will “grit your teeth” I am sure – because even if the author gave the reader a fair warning about the cliffhanger … well – it is what it is – cliffhangers are called THAT for a reason. Anyway – I can not wait to get the next part of this book
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