Title :

Her Web Master

Author :

Normandie Alleman

Series :


Release date : November 11th 2015
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

An online connection. Masked by anonymity. No cameras. No pictures. Curiosity ignited to intrigue. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but had no idea how far we would go…My intention was to test the waters, dip my toe in the wading pool. Instead I surrendered to the world of seduction and submission as he submerged me–body, mind, and soul–into an ocean of eroticism.Emails, texts, and hidden identities, were one thing. But now, coming face-to-face with the mystery man, the star of my fantasies, both terrifies and completely thrills me. If all goes according to plan, he will intensify the exquisite bond we share by transporting me to that glorious intersection between agony and ecstasy. If not, everything we’ve built will come crashing down around us, destroying my dreams in the process.Either way, there is no going back. Because I want more. Much more.He always says, “For every ounce of pleasure, a price must be paid.”And I am going to pay…

Review :

With her Book “Her Web Master” the author Normandie Alleman used an interesting approach on the subject of BDSM.

So far I have already read several books on this subject, still I would never call myself “well-known” – but I can honestly say I haven’t read anything like this before.
Already from the first chapter the author had captured my attention with the way she started the story, because the reader feels a NEED to know what will happen (I refuse to give a more detail explanation to avoid spoilers).
When I began my reading journey with Sophie I felt that this would in NO WAY work out. I mean BDSM is for me a thing of physical presence and if you never meet the person “commanding” (pun intended) – how would you build up the tension/connection that is needed?
In a well developed M/S relationship it is not hard to imagine a switch to an “online connection” but without the build up trust in advance ? I wondered ! What can I say … I gave up wondering abut 50% into the book and had to admit … The way the author described it … well it worked for me (in my understanding at least – if it would work in the real world – who knows – but as a book it was a good enough development for me to accept)
Due to the mystery of the unknown the reader also feels a total different approach in the development of the relation between the two leading characters. Other books have introduced us to the DOMs at first as Vanilla or at least “normal” Lovers that only show their other preferences after a while (yeah I know who gets to decide what is normal anyway – but let me use that word as a description of the way the majority of relationships work).
But here we have the total opposite. It will take the reader until almost the very end of the book to get a picture of the Man behind the DOM and I felt this was a refreshing change. So refreshing that for a change I am not even angry that this book is not a standalone.
If you follow my reviews you will know that this is a regular reason for me to distance myself for the 5th star a book would have deserved – Not so in this case – Even if the reader is left with a kind of opening at the end – it does not hurt too much to wait on the next book.
I am left more with a kind of curiosity in how this relationship will develop further and I hope to read more from this series soon.
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