Author :Callie Harper
Series:Volume 3
Release date:March 28th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

It’s on, the storm of the century, trapping Ana and Ash up in a mountain cabin. The snowplows don’t need to worry about their road. They melt the snow all on their own. But after the storm ends, can this “fake” romance survive reality, the harshest test of all?

The world already hates me for being a player. Now I’m a kidnapper, too. I drove off with Ana while she was drunk as a skunk after a New Year’s party in Vegas. She didn’t exactly say she wanted to go away with me. In fact, when we last spoke she seemed pretty interested in quitting me. Then she passed out. But that’s exactly why I need to get her away from it all, the celebrities and parties and cameras always flashing at us from all angles. I need to get her up into the mountains where I have a private cabin. Very private. It’s just my dumb luck that we got snowed in. For days. You remember show and tell in school? I’m not so good at the tell. But the show? That’s all me. Now I have Ana all to myself, shielded from prying eyes, in our own private world. I can show her pleasure she’s never known before. She can let go of all of her inhibitions. No one will ever know. I have days on end to show Ana exactly what she means to me, how I feel about her, and I won’t stop until she believes me. Or she’s melted into a puddle of orgasms. Or both. I’m starting to like the sound of both.
New Year’s Day I woke up in a mountain cabin with Ash Black, nothing but the sound of the wind and snow falling thick all around us. There’s nothing I’ve been more afraid of than this. Just us, no distractions, no paparazzi, no interfering agents or crazed fans. All that noise made it easier to hide from the feelings building up inside of me. I’m terrified of the way he makes me feel, the way I’m falling for him so hard. But now he has me alone, snowed in, at his amazing mountain cabin. He’s all muscle and sex. His voice alone makes me wet. One touch sends me reeling, and he seems to sense and want to unlock all of my most secret fantasies, the ones I haven’t even admitted to myself I want. This romance is fake. I keep telling myself that. I can’t really trust him. This is all pretend. But then he pulls me close, presses a hand to the small of my back, kisses my throat and whispers low and wicked in my ear, “Let yourself go.” How am I supposed to say no to that?
Review :

REVIEW VOLUME 1 + 2 + 3 .

Let me once again state clearly that I am not a fan of books that are cut in pieces – a series with cliffhangers is bad enough but cutting a good book into novellas is not the way to go for me – having said my piece about that let me get to my thoughts about the story.
After reading all 3 parts of this novel I would like to give my final thoughts. I am still keeping my opinion that on opening an encyclopedia and check under “smug” you should probably find a picture of “Ash” … the newest leading character in Callie Harper’s book “Undone”. He is so cocky it borders on annoying – but only borders… as he is also kind of endearing so far once you manage to ignore his attitude.
I said “Lets wait how he develops later in the next part” when I read the first part – and I was right on that account
## It’s pretty easy being a rock god. Party. Perform. P*ssy. Repeat.##
That was his “mantra” for a long time in his life – but during the developing story you could notice that he was starting to have doubts about his lifestyle. And even if he was kind of annoying in the beginning the story relays his changes at an (for a book) believable pace.
My opinion on Ana remained the same – she is a Liberian in so many ways, that you actually believe her part – but – then on the other hand she is totally not the “geek” or “nerd” or whatever you would have expected her to be… yes I guess.
##Unicorn## is a good word for her.
But you also notice how her thoughts change. She basically goes through the full range of emotions. And that was a really well written piece.
The plot itself is not unique but the characters make reading it very enjoyable. Strangely I liked Ana more than Ash – which is really unusual for me. The writing was good and the characters were likable so I enjoyed the book when finally all parts were available.
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