Title : Taking It Off
Author : Claire Kent
Series : N/A
Release date:Nov 24, 2015
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :Can’t get enough Magic Mike? Let bestselling author Claire Kent introduce you to Matt Stokes, the sexy-as-sin male stripper and club owner who knows what it really means to bare everything. Preschool teacher Elizabeth Marks isn’t exactly thrilled to be attending a college friend’s bachelorette party at a male strip joint. The sights—screaming women, half-naked hunks—are just as sleazy as she expected, with one exception: the man standing at the back, radiating sensual heat despite being fully clothed. When Elizabeth takes refuge outside, he chases her down and dares her to stay. It turns out that her mystery man is the owner—and, as tonight’s headliner, the one guy Elizabeth wouldn’t mind seeing naked. Matt Stokes lives his life one day, one dance at a time. But as he challenges Elizabeth to get in touch with the passionate, impulsive woman behind her prim façade, she brings out another side of him as well. This girl isn’t just another pretty face—or paying customer—and Matt can’t help wanting more. Onstage, he’s used to exposing his body. Now Matt will have to expose his heart. Because when it comes to real love, that’s the one striptease that matters.
Review :
Claire Kent is a very talented author who introduces us the world of Matt Stokes who is a stripper while Elizabeth Marks is a “tame” pre-school teacher -two worlds that couldn´t be any more different crush together! A promising story that makes you want to find out what will happen between the two of them… That´s why I has been so happy to receive this book as an ARC. When I started reading this book, I (of course) had some expectations. With turning more and more pages you are becoming part of a story that begins very intense while getting in my opinion weaker the more it comes to an end . There are some very good moments , I would even say quite a lot, when you just think: this is going to be so good! And then ,sadly, there is not the big “boom” you expected. It´s a very good story-line with interesting characters you really wannt to get to know better. Sometimes you just wish for everything to be “deeper”. With this story it´s a bit like with mood swings. Sometimes you feel totallly content about what is in front of you while the next moment you are asking yourself “Why this change!?”
All in all a good book wrapped in a very good writing-style I enjoyed!
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