Title:Spinning Out
Author :Lexi Ryan
Series:The Blackhawk Boys #1
Release date:May 3rd 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Once, the only thing that mattered to me was football—training, playing, and earning my place on the best team at every level. I had it all, and I threw it away with a semester of drugs, alcohol, and pissing off anyone who tried to stop me. Now I’m suspended from the team, on house arrest, and forced to spend a semester at home to get my shit together. The cherry on my fuckup sundae? Sleeping in the room next to mine is my best friend’s girl, Mia Mendez—the only woman I’ve ever loved and a reminder of everything I regret.I’m not sure if having Mia so close will be heaven or hell. She’s off-limits—and not just because she’s working for my dad. Her heart belongs to someone else. But since the accident that killed her brother and changed everything, she walks around like a zombie, shutting out her friends and ignoring her dreams. We’re both broken, numb, and stuck in limbo.Until I break my own rules and touch her. Until she saves me from my nightmares by climbing into my bed. Until the only thing I want more than having Mia for myself is to protect her from the truth. I can’t rewrite the past, but I refuse to leave her heart in the hands of fate. For this girl, I’d climb into the sky and rearrange the stars.

SPINNING OUT is a sexy, emotional novel of 100,000 words.
It is first in the Blackhawk Boys, a series of standalone novels.
—THE BLACKHAWK BOYS. Football. Secrets. Lies. Passion. These boys don’t play fair. Which Blackhawk Boy will steal your heart?
Book 1 – SPINNING OUT – Coming May 3rd (Arrow’s story)
Book 2 – RUSHING IN – Coming Summer 2016 (Christopher’s story)
Book 3 – GOING UNDER – Coming late 2016 (Sebastian’s story)
Review :

Spinning Out (The Blackhawk Boys #1) by Lexi Ryan was a good start into a new series. It was my first book by this author and I liked it.

The author makes drawing complicated relationship strings amongst the characters look easy and I can easily see some of the content of the next books.
But some of the characters are very deeply developed – others not so much – unfortunately just some of the more important ones were less developed than some of the secondary. So the balance felt a little of for me.
The basic plot twist is quite easy to guess when you think about it for a minute – drawing the conclusion though might take you a minute or so.
There are quite a lot of clichés hiding under the surface of the plot but they are worked nicely into the story. But some things you should better not wonder about – like the reasons for some of the stuff that is happening.
Just like with some movies – sometimes is better to not dig to deep into the story and simply take stuff at face value. And doing that – this book works out nicely.
It was easy to understand the dynamics of the group and feel with the leading characters.
And there were really some wise text passages in some of the chapters that deserve to be quoted – but would give away to much of the plot so I refrain from doing so.
I am looking forward to reading the next books of this series as I see some interesting plots in the future.
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