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Heather Stone

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Release date : June 2nd 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

A girl has to work to pay the bills, but my family would not approve of my methods. Burlesque is my release and paycheck. Nursing is my future and current frustration. Between dancing and playing mind games with my sexy neighbor my life is beginning to be fun again. He likes to watch me, and I like to put on a performance of a lifetime. When our lives collide, things get hot and heavy. We need to be careful for many reasons, but I can’t bring myself to care about any of them.This is a short happily ever after steamy novella, containing insta-love.

Review :

Peep by Heather Stone was surprising in more than one way.

Let’s first tackle the negative surprise. The Blurb I read did not mention that this was a short story AND basically featuring Insta-Love. Each one of those subjects alone is usually enough to make a Book “not work” for me.
Now – here is the second surprise … somehow – and I still find it hard to explain – this story did work out against all odds.
Maybe because there are not attempts on drawing a big background story – I am not sure – but that is my only guess. The story is right on the spot from page one no time is wasted in dwelling about character backgrounds.
The reader never needs to wonder where the focus of the plot is.
The author delivers the plotline hot and steamy without to much struggling around on creating well-developed characters (which should be another NO-GO for me but it really works out for this book).
It is interesting to see how this whole plot comes out of nowhere and develops to a complete story that seems to be working even if the reader at the end notices that he never really got to know the leading characters like he usually does.
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