Title:Never Let Go
Author :Allison B. Hanson
Release date:24 May 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Just one gorgeous weekend away from reality. Then they can go on like it never happened…Riley Fisher doesn’t have time to chase after men. As a single mother working two jobs, she barely has time to eat or sleep. But a girl has needs. So when handsome veteran Sam Brooks asks her out, she decides she deserves some R&R. She doesn’t expect anything else from him—after all, he’s hardly the type to get serious.Sam came back from Afghanistan lucky to be alive, despite PTSD that hits whenever he lets down his guard. His therapist told him to forget about relationships. When he meets Riley, he’s not planning on breaking the rules. She’s cute, petite, and a total smartass—not even his type. But she’s hard to forget. Especially once he runs into Riley and her toddler on a rustic mountain getaway and sees what he’s missing. Her kid makes him laugh all day. And Riley makes him burn all night.Too bad a relationship is impossible. But they can enjoy the attraction. It’s not like they’re going to fall in love…

Review :

I had the pleasure of reading “Never let go” by Allison B. Hanson last weekend and I would like to express my “Thank you” to Kensington Books for allowing my to review this Book as an ARC.

“Never let go” was my first book by this author and it is a standalone novel. Let me start by saying that this author has well developed and engaging writing style.
There are no huge twists or turns in this story so some readers might say the storyline develops predictable. But for me personally it was more a solid way of writing.
The focus was on the main characters and they were described in a solid way that was deep enough to feel related to them.
By the time that I was reading and preparing to review this story there was not even a blurb up on GR so I refrain from giving to much details as I am not sure how the publisher wants to handle this.
But please be assured – once the blurb is up and it appeals to you – you will get a solid romance with likable characters that will draw you into their story and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
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