Title:More Than Scars
Author :Sarah Brocious
Release date:June 24th 2014
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :
Disclaimer: This story is a modern day Fairytale. Prepare for events that go beyond the normal day events you are used to. Plan on a happily ever after escape.
They say that the best way to heal is to find someone who suffers more and invest in their healing.
Nerissa Meadows decides to make a change in career and experiences the strangest of interviews. She had been through so much but nothing like her soon to be employer, Liam Byrne.
His scars have stolen from him…from his two little girls. It’s as if life has ceased to exist outside of his own front door in order to protect what he loves and keep out what he fears. He perceives his weakness but Nerissa sees in him a wounded hero. Her heart aches for his two girls. Their young lives have been touched by too much sadness! They need her and she finds that she most desperately needs them.
Fairytales can take shape in the most unlikely of places!
Review :

Definitively one of the most beautiful stories written loosely on the idea of “Beauty and the Beast”

At times you wonder where exactly this story is taking place – there were moments when I thought it was almost historical given how the complete set up was done – but than suddenly there was a cellphone and a laptop and it was clear it was “kind of” contemporary.
Then I thought this must def. be English but noticing certain words that were used I quickly dismissed that thought – I still assume its based in the United States.
Actually it does not matter at all where or when it takes place because the story is like a fairytale not in need of explanations – the story just IS
Those thoughts were only equal part my very personal curiosity and admiration for the author – who was able to really take you away into this on sphere. The word at the tip of my tongue for this book would be “ANTICIPATION”.
This one basic and most important request/order that Liam has/gives leaves the reader with an anticipation after a while that mirrors that of Nerissa. It is so intense that it is almost like the relationship between a DOM & a SUB in a BDSM themed Novel.
But without being sexual at all. I know my words do not make that much sense if you did not read the book – so please do so.
Then when finally “IT” happens – I was left more breathless than even the hottest line in an romance novel usually managed to leave me. And there was not even a kiss involved in that second. Yes you heard correctly – Breathless – not because of a hot sex scene or a kiss – no breathless because of ONE LOOK
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