Title:Claimed by Her Web Master
Author : Normandie Alleman
Series:Web Master #3
Release date:19 May 2016
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :

She’s my addiction, my love–my life.

She’s changed me, and I never want to go back.
I tried to protect her.
Hell, I tried to protect myself, but I fucked it all up.
I may be a sick bastard, but I would lay down my life for her. And I’ll do whatever it takes to make every inch of her mine again. I always tell her for every ounce of pleasure a price must be paid. She’s already paid more than she ever owed.
Now it’s my turn to pay.
Claimed by Her Web Master is the final book in the Web Master Trilogy and should be read following Her Web Master and Tested by Her Web Master.
Review :

I just read Claimed by Her Web Master (Web Master #3) by Normandie Alleman. It is the last part in a trilogy and I enjoyed the first two books, which you can notice by my 5 star rating. Unfortunately the last part of this series will not be quite so high in my rating.

It seems to be a common problem lately that the last parts in a series can not keep up with the grown anticipation that the readers experience while waiting for them. I admit I had high hopes in the last book because given the track record of the first two parts I expected something totally freshly unique.
Actually basically Ms. Alleman delivered something unexpected but suddenly my mysterious Dom that I came to like went from mysterious and dominant to desperate and creepy. I can live with the desperate part it is believable as it fits to the situation but the creepy part is well … creepy?
And a little unexpected – so yes – I got what I wanted which confirms to me again “be careful what you wish for” Again you find yourselves unapologetically thrown into the story right where we left it in part two – but our DOM feels strangely different.
He had developed from a distant stranger to someone more approachable in the second book. Now it felt like we were back to square one only with the knowledge of second base. With Sophie was similar – the feelings she were supposed to be having did not transfer from book 2 to 3.
I as a reader have always felt relatable to her so far but suddenly she felt like a stranger.
Quite a big chunk of the book is only from his Point in the beginning and his thoughts show the Dom we know but the measures he takes to get to his goal are questionable and I can not relate to Sophie that she is really going with it.
She feels so withdrawn and emotionless and this has nothing to do with her being submissive.
I am really sitting here wondering what happened to both of them. The direction the second half of the book became predictable which would not have been bad if I could have felt what was going on. But I just read the words without feeling them.
Every time when I thought “NOW” its happening – in the next few pages something came up that destroyed it again. The final nail to the coffin came almost in the end when all the loose endings should come together to a final showdown. The point when emotions should be out in the open (good or bad) – Again our Dom did something that basically distanced him from Sophie – something I would have expected of him in book 1 but not after book 2.
So now I am left wondering how to rate this book.
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