Title:Saving Dawson
Author :Kathy Maykut
Release date:November 7th 2014
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :

Dawson Lorde has everything, even his life, riding on being able to keep his secrets. After his sister commits suicide, though, everything spirals out of control. Raegan Keaton knows Dawson and his sister, Leah, from childhood. Only after Leah dies, does Raegan realize the mistake she’s made in abandoning them. With Dawson willing to be her friend again, she allows herself to fall- hard. The only problem is that Dawson doesn’t date, but he won’t say why. All Raegan knows is that something is wrong with the boy she grew up with, and it’s tearing him apart from every angle. The only thing she can do is watch, and pick up the pieces of his life that he never thought he’d share.

Review :

As my Kindle Read this week I choose “Saving Dawson” by Kathy Maykut. I have been circling around this book since it came out sometime 2014. The Blurb sounded interesting but something kept me from getting it – even if I could not pinpoint what it was at that time And now after reading it.

I have a better feeling for what it was. It is the way the story is told / the writing style.
The author created an intense setting from beginning to end. Intriguing characters placed in a plot that was even more interesting and deep than the Blurb lets you guess.
The plotline is more serious than even I would have guessed. But the way the author delivers the story somehow does not fit the content. The writing feels like a novel that is supposed to be for Teenagers but the content itself feels older.
So both together left me with a slightly strange feeling after finishing.
And there is one thing that went the wrong way with me. I think it is no spoiler because it does not reveal anything if you did not read the book. I honestly think that bringing a weapon to a meeting of a certain kind felt more like “intention” and not self-defense.
I know – I know – I read the story – I get the reasons – but still I think there could have been a more mature solution.
But this book has an important message and therefore it is worth reading I just wished it would be reworked a little that it either fits the teenagers or the YA (which I felt more suitable)
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