Title:Rock Stars are Trouble
Author :Kelly D. Smith
Release date:January 14th 2016
Rating : 1 Star
Blurb :

Kenda Lexan has one shot at this interview with Greyson Brant and she’s gotta make it perfect—otherwise she’ll lose her job.

Greyson’s up and coming, and got a major reputation for flirting with anyone who interviews him—too bad for him Kenda already knows that rock stars are trouble. When she has to interview him again she can’t help but realize he’s not that bad of a person.
He’s actually nice to his fans, and for some reason he’s nice to her, despite the fact she’s made it clear she’s not interested. So she agrees to hang out—as friends. She remembers what musicians are like, and a run in with her ex just solidifies that she doesn’t need anything to do with the type.
But when her sister ends up in the hospital and he shows up to help her out she can’t help but think she might be wrong.
Are all rock stars trouble?
More importantly is Greyson Brant?
Review :

God sometimes I hate my own rating system – but unfortunately it is very clear on the subject and I try very hard to remain an honest reviewer even if in cases like this I feel sorry about it.

I was approached to review “Rock Stars are Trouble” by Kelly D. Smith.
The author has an interesting story here and keeps the reader guessing on the reasons for Kenda’s behavior. Grayson is also an interesting person and I think that Kyle’s as well as Paige’s stories might make good follow-ups in the series.
BUT – yeah you already guessed that would be coming – right.
The book was presented without any information on the editing status so I have to assume that it is the finished version.
Assuming this – I am afraid to say that I would refuse to buy this book at this time because of the editing issues.
I informed the author by return mail about my issues with this book so this review will not be a surprise to her. I will refrain from going into details as I explained those to the author directly. I usually do not review the gramma of a book as a principal unless it disturbs my reading process and in this case it did a lot.
In fact it did so much that I had to finish around 40% – because it became to irritating. And not finishing a book – according my own rating system only allows for one rating – and I am honestly sorry about this.
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