Title:One Broken Promise
Author :Deanndra Hall
Release date:February 10th 2016
Rating : 2 Stars
Blurb :

Hayden Patterson has a simple rule. And he’s never broken it. Sleeping with a woman more than once simply isn’t going to happen. He’s always managed to hang onto his resolve, and so far, no woman’s ever blasted her way through. It’s one and done, with no prospect of ever having anything permanent. His childhood gave him that thinking and he has no plans to ever change. Two women alone, and one of them is in more danger than anyone realizes. It’s hard being a teenager. Kacey Flournoy knows that all too well. Stuck in a school district full of snobby rich kids, she doesn’t fit in on her single mom’s salary. When she’s cast as a bully, it only gets worse – especially since she’s the one being bullied. And her poor mom, Delaina, doesn’t know what to do. Since Kacey’s dad died while serving in the military, it’s all she can do to put food on the table. When Hayden draws his first assignment through Citadel Security, he can’t believe it. No way does he want to follow a poor little rich girl around all day to guard her from a bully. It doesn’t take him long, however, to figure out that something’s terribly wrong. And when he tries to right it, he meets the one woman who just might make him break his long-standing promise. That would mean he’d have to let go of the past, but he’s sure he’s not ready and he never will be. A novella nestled between the first and second books in the first spinoff series from the Love Under Construction series, One Broken Promise takes the hunted to the hunter, the oppressor to the oppressed, and one very scared man to a place that will bring him to his knees. If you’ve ever been bullied, you’ll feel the pain. But you’ll also taste the joy of a promise broken.

Review :

Unfortunately the title of “One Broken Promise” by Deanndra Hall was all too fitting. I had high hopes about this book because the plot sounded really promising but unfortunately the storytelling did not work out for me.

The “bodyguard” theme together with the “bully” theme sounded intriguing so I chose to read it.
But the way it was handled was somehow off for me.
Hayden was supposed to be a strong guy that could handle stuff, but he came off as a tired 1970’s cop waiting for his next doughnut break. So I was already struggling with the “bodyguard” part of the plot when the “bully” was entered into the mix.
On top of that there was a third “string” thrown into the mix. And a Romance between the adults of that story.
I am so sorry to be so blunt but it felt like mixing oil and water – it will not work.
When the one side was up it felt like a YA novel but the other half was a strange mix between some psychological cop bodyguard something thriller that wanted to be a romance novel …
The line was finally crossed for me when it came to the ending and the way stuff was solved around “the villain” … – I was shaking my head thinking it could have only been worse if someone gave him a gun and said “Ahm I did not think he would shoot”.
I feel the author wanted to add too much into it – I know I am the odd one out here probably but it is how I feel.
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