Title :

Give Me You

Author :

Caisey Quinn

Series :


Release date : June 7th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Corin Connelly left her past far behind her in New York City. Along with her mother and an ex-boyfriend who had no plans to let her go. Starting over in college in California seemed like a vacation in paradise compared to her old life, and if anyone needs a fresh start, it’s her. But her new roommate has a life-threatening secret, and soon paradise becomes even more intense than New York. When she loses a bet to the university soccer team’s star goalie, Skylar Martin, he claims a prize she didn’t ever plan to give him. A weekend in her hometown.Skylar Martin is used to getting what he wants. Growing up in a world of privilege has made his life easy, which is exactly how he likes his women. But when a feisty redhead tells him no, he becomes determined to figure out what makes her tick. And what she’s hiding.Spending a weekend together will change everything they think they know about each other. The closer they become, the harder it is to hide the mistakes they thought they’d left behind–mistakes that will stand in the way of what they both want.Corin and Skylar will have to stop hiding from the darkness in their pasts if they want a bright future together. But how can you love someone if you can’t forgive them?

Review :

When I read the first books in the “Keep Me Still” series by Caisey Quinn I totally fell in love with her characters. Layla and Landen were just a wonderful couple that was placed in a great storyline. I read all the pieces of that series and I loved each and every one of it.

But I could not help but wonder about Corin and Skylar, their friends – so when I had the chance to grab a review copy I basically had no choice but to wave wildly shouting “here, here I need one”. Yeah reading is really a hard job #joking.
Anyway … “Give Me You” is here now and it features Corins’s and Skylar’s story – FINALLY.
The story runs alongside the original Story of Layla and Landen so we will see their falling for each other all over again form the sidelines – which was pretty funny actually. Because hearing what was going on between Layla and Landen from Corin and Skylar PoV war hilarious at times.
While in the original story it was just intense. So it was pretty interesting how the author managed to change that mood. Their observations of the other couple were pretty funny while their own story was growing in its intensity by the minute and reached almost the level of the first book.
I have to admit I kept wondering if the author really went with the original script and I was tempted to go back to the first book to check. The basic plot is running alongside that was clear but I am known to have a detail OCD…but I had myself under control and refrained.
The story is so well developed that you can without any problem read this book as a standalone – the only thing that will be spoilered to you is what happens to the other couple . But even so – it is not bad – as the original book is so intense and different that you might as well read it even after this one without feeling to get something told twice.
Corin and Skylar are so different that it is really a masterpiece to write the story so that they work out together and I am not sure How Caisey Quinn did it but she pulled it off nicely.
So I can totally recommend this book to everybody who thinks the blurb might appeal to him and who likes a romance that is not all hearts and flowers.
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