Title :

Doomsday Love

Author :

Shanora Williams

Series :


Release date : June 14th 2016
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

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When we were ten, I was his friend.
When we were eighteen, I was nobody.
And now that we are twenty-four, I am everything he wants.
He was wild—untamed. I was reckless—a girl who loved too hard. But what we had was special. I was his peace and he was my protector. My love for Drake was insatiable… and he took advantage of it. He’d broken my heart, left me hanging for years. He ruined us.
And now, he’s back. He wants me. And while a part of me hates him, no one can deny Drake Davenport.
You can’t hide from the almighty DOOMSDAY. Not because he is a fighter, but because he is a winner.
And, just like me, he loves as hard as he fights.
He never loses and he’s willing to risk it all to win me back.
DOOMSDAY is coming…am I ready?
Review :

Some books you read and you have no idea how you should review them because they did nothing for you

Other books you read and your mind is spinning on all the stuff that you want to tell other readers about them.
And then there are those books that you basically do not WANT to say anything about because no matter how little you tell it will still feel like you are stealing something of the feeling they evoked in you by voicing out loud anything about them.
Doomsday Love by Shanora Williams is one of the books that belongs in the last category.
It was a great read – well developed from beginning to end.
It’s characters so fully developed that you thought you might be able to actually touch them if you only tried hard enough. Yes there are some clichés drifting along the storyline – but I did not mind them too much. They just underlined the plot and did not take over so they felt justified.
If I had just one word to describe the leading characters I would combine both words to a “perfectly imperfect” which describes them both in the best way.
This love will defenetivly need more than one chance and if you ask me for a comparison to another book – the first book that comes to my mind would defenetivly be “Real” by Katy Evans. So let me say out loud a chliche of my own the typical comparison “If you loved “Real” I am pretty sure you will also love “Doomsday Love”
After facing some editing and timeline issues I asked the Author if the version we received for review was a final one. She told me it was an uncorrected version so my rating will not in any way involve those editing issues. I trust that they will be gone by the time the book is released (and honestly even if they are not gone – it will not disturb your reading – because I doubt most readers will have the same timeline/detail OCD that I have)
I don’t say this very often maybe like only once or twice a month – which is not very often if you consider that I read like sometimes almost a book a day …- but I think I could fall for a guy like Drake.
So if you like MMA fighter romances this is your book.
If you like guys from the wrong side of the tracks this is your book.
I know ARC’s are subject to changes – but I doubt that this line would ever be erased – but even IF … I still feel the need to close my thoughts with this quote – because there is not better way to describe this book
“Doomsday may be a beast, but his heart is like a butterfly.
It’s gentle. It’s kind. It’s beautiful, but it is also wild.”
#Happy Reading
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