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Author :

Skye Warren

Series :

Chicago Underground Book, #7

Release date : February 23rd 2016
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

Dark. Powerful. Dangerous.

Philip Murphy has all of Chicago under his thumb. Except me. We met in a perfect storm of violence and lust.
He saved me and then disappeared from my life. Now I pretend I never knew that kind of darkness. I focus on midterms and campus parties, as if they can wipe the slate clean.
Then he turns up outside my dorm room—wounded and barely conscious. He’s the head of a crime syndicate, a powerful man, but he needs me now. There are traitors in his midst.
I can help him, but I can’t fall for him.
Not again.
Review :

“Deep” by Skye Warren belongs to the “Chicago Underground” series but can be read as a Standalone. – which basically I did – as it was my first book by this author ever.

Normally I am not into “mop” or “crime boss” novels – and it was honestly actually my co-blogger that requested that book first. But when the time for receiving the ARC came – she was busy so I volunteered to read the book to finish the review on time.
Finishing that book I am left with on word
Skye Warren has a great way of capturing the interest of her readers. I can honestly say the book reads well as a standalone – I would have never guessed by the story flow that there had to be more books.
During reading there was only one question that popped into my mind that you could consider related to the fact that this is a series and that was that – I could not for the life of me – find out how old Philip actually is.
And interesting enough there is no real description of his looks (or did I over read something?) – so those might be points that have been discussed in previous books.
I loved the dynamics between the characters and the dialogues were great. There was only one short moment towards the end that the story faltered in my opinion and I was not sure if I was going to lose a star.
But somehow – NO – I don’t want to … the story was overall great and if I take into consideration that I am very reluctant with “crime boss” stories me giving 5 stars says plenty about that book.
Well actually I am even considering reading the other books by this author as well…
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