Author : Ann Mayburn
Series:Long Slow Tease #1
Release date:April 8th 2013
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Dr. Michelle Sapphire and Gunnery Sergeant Wyatt Callahan formed an unbreakable bond and an unacknowledged, forbidden attraction to each other while serving together in Afghanistan. Their lives are forever changed when a mortar attack grievously wounds Wyatt and Michelle brings him back from the brink of death. But when they both return to the civilian world, Michelle discovers that her rock-solid Marine is suffering from severe PTSD and may even be suicidal.Wyatt Callahan fell hard for the aristocratic blonde doctor the moment he laid eyes on her. After reentering civilian life in his hometown near Austin, Texas, Wyatt is plagued by nightmares of the death and suffering he witnessed during the war. He’d love to reach out to Michelle, but — Michelle is a Dominatrix, and she has made it very clear to Wyatt she isn’t interested in a relationship with anyone who doesn’t accept her lifestyle. An Alpha male to the core, he can’t imagine the appeal of being submissive. At the same time, the idea of serving Michelle, of being everything she wants and needs, rings true in his wounded soul.Michelle has dark secrets of her own, and together with Wyatt she will have to battle her personal demons during their emotional journey of healing, redemption, and love.

Review :

I doubt that there was any question what the nature of this book is when you look at its cover.

But it has been a long time that I was so confused about whether or no I should request an ARC of a book or not.
There is always “another first” (yes Christian Grey #eyeroll) for anything. So I read a lot of BDSM books with male Doms but this would have been my first female Dom (If I am not counting Lady Heather of CSI Vegas).
So where I was basically at a loss if I would like the story judging from that point of view – there was also the Blurb and that had me intrigued.
The approach to mix BDSM and PTSD was interesting so I kind of needed to find out if that might work.
In the End, I was staring a long time at the cover. And somehow this book confirms again to me the importance of a good developed cover idea (I have been ranting about that subject often lately – and I really start to hate places like IStock).
This cover is just perfect. It tells the story of the book without using words. It kind of made the story beautiful. So when I decided I wanted to read the book, I was not disappointed, the story could keep up with what the cover was promising.
The writing was good and well developed characters were greeting the reader with a story that was intriguing and kept me interested from beginning to end.
I am not sure it will be my favorite genre anytime soon as I somehow cannot totally relate to the submissive being male – but that is really ONLY me and has totally NOTHING to do with the book.
Because for this one book even I was “converted” to a believer.Because this plot just worked so please enjoy it …
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