Title :

Second Chances

Author :

Emma Nichols

Series :

Dreams Come True #2

Release date : February 29th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

It began with the tragic death of his parents when he inherited the modern art gallery. It continued every day when he looked in the mirror and saw a monster where a man should be. He’d tried everything without success. Then he happened upon her, his cure, the one who could give him a second chance at life, love and happiness. After years of repairing what her father destroyed during his drunken rampages, opening a shop for repurposed and redesigned furniture seemed a natural progression for Marisa. When Sebastian hired her, she finally had a chance to get paid to do what she’d done for years for free. It seemed like a win, until he proposed. The moment they met, Sebastian was drawn to her. Of course, losing everything in thirty days if he didn’t marry was a huge incentive. So he asked and she refused. An experienced negotiator, he never gave up when he had his heart set on something. For Marisa, marriage wasn’t on the table and love wasn’t negotiable. Still, always quick to see the best in others, she looked at him and saw a project, her ultimate redesign. Maybe even Sebastian deserved a second chance.

Review :

In Emma Nichols “Second Chances”, the reader will find so many clichés that at first you will think this is not really original or new – but after a few chapters you will notice that the author did a small miracle with all those clichés and managed to create a really sweet and deep story.

I really liked her writing even if there were a few flaws in there that catch my eye … like a business card that is never given away but suddenly is in the hands of the other person – or a person waving with her hands during talking while waiting to get an x-ray because of a possible broken arm.
And maybe the biggest flaw of all that the reader never really gets a more detailed explanation on what it is that makes Sebastian think he is a monster (other than the fact that his uncle is to blame)
But honestly? Even if that might sound bad on any other book with a more flat storyline but in this book there is so much depth that it survives those flaws easily. There is so much from Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella in this book that it almost hurts (in a good way) …
Such a shame I did not read the first book so far
Please enjoy this fairytale in modern design
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