Title:Jacked Up
Author :Elle Aycart
Series:Bowen Boys Book 4
Release date:March 8th 2016
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

Since James Bowen married Elle Cooper’s sister, tall dark and handsome Jack Copeland has become a permanent fixture in Elle’s life. A silent, rather annoying fixture, with his arrogant aloofness and my-way-or-the-highway attitude rubbing her the wrong way. So she does what any self-respecting woman would: aggravate the wits out of him.

Party girl Elle Cooper is everything covert operative Jack Copeland doesn’t want in a woman. Outspoken, sassy. A smartass. Too bad when he closes his eyes, all his mind conjures up is her. To everyone else, he comes off as intimidating and unapproachable. Everyone except Elle. So he does what any self-respecting man would: stay the hell away from her. But when Elle gets herself in deep trouble, all of Jack’s protective instincts kick in, and keeping his distance is no longer an option.
Elle’s already complicated life takes a downturn, and she’s given two choices: go to jail or stick with Jack.
With Jack and Elle in such close proximity, sparks are flying all over the damn place and it’s only a matter of time before they ignite. The only question is, who will kill Elle first? The vicious drug cartel hunting her or Jack?
Review :

“Jacked Up by Elle Aycart is the 4th book in the “Bowen Boys” series – but it was my first by this author. It is easy readable as a standalone novel even if there are references to the other books.

The characters are developed just perfectly for each other. We have the secretive dark and interesting Jack – that seems far too serious for just the slightest bit of fun – Hence Elle’s “Endearment” for him when she calls him “Borg”.
And we have Elle – the woman that is more butterfly and party girl than anything else and naturally she cannot be taken seriously – can she ?
And yet there is something about her that will not leave Jack alone and in his darkest hours, where he should be focused on his job it is Elle that brings light …
She is never giving up on making him feel .. showing him the sparks of life he seems to be missing.
Their witty banter carries the story. He never acknowledges what it really means to him that she is never giving up – but when push comes shove he is there for her.
Still the final questions are not only if the sparks flying between those two great characters are enough to create a fire. But also if they will survive the trouble that is following them…
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