Title :

Holding Court

Author :

K.C. Held

Series :


Release date : Mar 1, 2016
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :

Sixteen-year-old Jules Verity knows exactly what’s in store at her new job at castle-turned-dinner-theater Tudor Times. Some extra cash, wearing a fancy-pants dress, and plenty of time to secretly drool over the ever-so-tasty-and completely unavailable-Grayson Chandler. Except that it’s not quite what she imagined.For one, the costume Jules has to wear is awful. Then there’s the dead body she finds that just kind of…well, disappears. Oh, and there’s the small issue of Jules and her episodes of what her best friend calls “Psychic Tourette’s Syndrome”-spontaneous and uncontrollable outbursts of seemingly absurd prophecies.The only bright side? This whole dead body thing seems to have gotten Grayson’s attention. Except that the more Jules investigates, the more she discovers that Grayson’s interest might not be as courtly as she thought. In fact, it’s starting to look suspicious…

Review :

I am at a loss about how I should categorize “Holding Court” by K.C. Held. It was YA for sure – and if you ask me – NOT a romance novel. It was more like a “mystery light” …

The story was well developed and more complicated that other novels ment for that age of readers. Actually pretty well written. Unfortunately, as the romance in it fell very flat it was no book for me.
It will be an entertaining read for lovers of funny and intelligent YA I am sure
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