Title:Cruel Water
Author : Freya Barker
Series:Portland, ME, novels Book 2
Release date: 03 Mar 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Innocence marked her…Violation crippled her…Love left her raw…The life she carefully rebuilt is challenged when she is confronted with the sins from her past. The carefully applied protection is at once ripped away, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.Her single night of indulgence with the silver-eyed stranger is only the beginning. He sees right to the heart of her and she is unable to ward off emotions that have been deeply buried. With the sting of betrayal still fresh in her soul, she’s surprised to find herself opening up to the honest integrity of the sharp-eyed, rough-looking biker.When he lost everyone who mattered, he was left without roots and learned to be content simply living in the moment. Completely unprepared for the feisty blonde bartender with old pain marring her clear-blue eyes, he questions his own rules of detachment, as she unwittingly finds a way under his skin.Appearances deceive and when the masks fall away, revealing deep, dark secrets, there is nothing left but to hang onto each other and survive the storm.

Review :

“Cruel Water” is not my first rodeo with author Freya Barker. So I had a pretty good idea what I was getting myself into.

In comparison to “From dust” the first of the “Portland ME” series her new book is a little “less” intense.
Which might be due to the fact that the characters are already familiar and the plotline is not as mysterious.
But do not get me wrong when I say “less” or “not as” .. there is still a lot more to that story than many other stories have to offer.
It is just that “From Dust” was SO intense that it will always be difficult to compete with.
I already knew Viv from the first book and I was looking forward to her story. So Ms. Barker did not disappoint when she delivered.
There have probably been many man to try to solve the mystery that is Viv. But it wasn’t until Ike entered the picture that there was finally a man that had the slightest chance to even come really close to her.
And while he is trying to solve the mystery that is Viv he gets drawn in and in the end gets more that he signed in for.
The reader will have no other choice than to keep his fingers crossed that those two will finally see what is right in front of them.
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