Title:Before Hadley
Author : J. Nathan
Release date: 14 Mar 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

What’s worse than a cocky new guy at school? A cocky new guy with a killer body and the attention of the entire female student body. Hadley can tell the minute she lays eyes on Caynan that he’s someone to avoid. He may have looks and charm, but he’s also got heartbreak written all over his pretty face.Unfortunately for Hadley, Caynan has his sights set on her. She’s the one girl who doesn’t want him. The one girl who’s turned off by his charm. The one girl who challenges him like no other. And, though she couldn’t possibly know the truth about him, she seems to be the one girl who really sees him. But with Caynan, things aren’t at all what they seem. His secrets have secrets and everything out of his mouth straddles the line between truth and fiction. He knows better than to get involved with anyone, especially with his time limited in the new town, but he just can’t seem to get Hadley out of his mind. Too bad for him, secrets never remain secrets for long.

Review :

“Before Hadley” by J. Nathan is not your average teenage romance. You would not do the writing and character development justice if you claimed it to just that.

There is a lot more to this book than you might think at first.
Hadley and Caynan are an explosive couple and the development their relationship takes is far from average.
The characters development received a lot of attention by the author so it was an emotional rollercoaster to follow the events of the plot.
Just always remember – when you talk about a “Before” there is always an “After” and Love is not always pretty
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