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Katherine Savage

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Release date : November 13th 2015
Rating : 4 Stars
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Evening Murray has worked hard her whole life and never minded being alone. Now, she’s finally reached her goal with a position in the British Security Service’s ultra-secret Department. Eve has always been interested in power, and sway, and with her job in The Department she can truly make a difference. There’s only one problem: She’s completely fallen for her boss. Ronan Blackwood is beyond brilliant, mysterious, influential, and devastatingly gorgeous. He’s also distant, perfectly polite, controlled and cold. Eve longs to find out what goes on behind his frosty blue eyes and what lies beneath his wintry exterior. It’s all she can do to hide how badly she wants him, day in and day out.When shots are fired during a daring attack, Ronan and Eve follow protocol and flee to an isolated safe house. There, Eve’s iron will deserts her, and the two share a passion beyond her wildest dreams (which is saying something!) Eve begins to see a side of Ronan she never imagined existed, sensual, thoughtful, and unbelievably sexual. Being with Ronan awakens her, makes her feel alive, makes her giddy with desire, and all she wants is more.But the road ahead for these two will not be easy. Not everyone is happy that Eve is spending time with the boss, and one of the other Department agent’s jealousy swiftly turns poisonous, exposing Eve to grave danger. While the connection between Ronan and Eve grows ever hotter and stronger, Ronan realizes he will do anything to protect Eve and the feelings he is developing for her. But becoming closer to her means he must reveal the terrible secret that he harbors, a secret which will change both of their lives forever and threatens to tear them apart…

Review :

“Sway is currently a standalone novel, containing an entire story arc, and does not end in a cliff hanger! Instead of waiting for sequels you are getting the whole story in one volume, for one price. Although the main characters have hinted that they may need the author to write more of their adventures in the future, Sway is an entire story in one book.”

Those lines really caught my attention … when reading the Blurb to “Sway” by Katherine Savage. I can still remember times when it was normal to get a whole story in one book and when it was announced especially when a book was NOT written in that way.
Well anyway – it is refreshing that there for once is again a whole story in one book. And a well written and developed story it is.
With Ronan and Eve we get two interesting characters that will lead the readers easy through the book.
Even when at times the descriptions are maybe a little too detailed this still feels better than other books that are missing out on depth.
Ronan is the perfect male lead being cool, controlled, gorgeous and mysterious.
In Evening the author created a counterpart that is strong and even though she seems a total opposite of Ronan she still also seems perfect for him to the reader.
Into this explosive mix the author adds some fast paced action that already starts with the first page and does not slow down during the whole story.
A very enjoyable read
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