Author :Heather C. Leigh
Release date:March 15th 2016
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :
Ten years ago, their lives shattered to pieces…And he’s the KILLER that has to live with it.Two people. One incident. Interwoven between two damaged souls in ways they don’t understand.
“The fact I feel anything should let me know I’m headed in the wrong direction, headed down a path of darkness, destruction, and failure. A path that will dig out memories so painful I’ve created an entire persona to avoid dealing with them. Yet I know—I’m going down that path headfirst no questions asked, no matter the outcome.I might be a monster, but I’m a selfish one.”—Keller Keating
“When his strength envelops me, every wrong becomes right, every anxiety melts away, every doubt disappears. I feel calm, safe, whole. The spark of life that’s been missing inside burns bright, lighting me up like a solar flare, sizzling white-hot through my veins. Keller brings me out of the darkness and into the light.”—Britton Reeves
Review :

With “Killer” by Heather C. Leigh I finally came across one of THOSE books again. One of those books that stay a long time with you after you finished reading them.

But at first I have to share of my internal struggle with you. I read the blurb and I knew I had to read the book – but then I came across the cover and I was like … wait WHAT ?… – and after receiving it as an ARC I was pushing it around on my kindle for some time – because all I could see was this cover every time and somehow …
My problem is that this book is paying a lot of attention on the eyes of the lead “Killer/Keller” (AND YES I HAVE A THING FOR EYES) and you can see that the author choose a cover to fit that purpose. But something is totally off with the eyebrows of that cover model – either there was Photoshop all the way or they plugged them to something I do not want to find words for but it is wrong very wrong. I could have overlooked that smirk that does not fit “Killer/Keller” that much but sorry those eyebrows – — Ahm NO !….
And anybody disagreeing with me – please just read the descriptions of “Killer/Keller” and try to imagine the description with that picture – it is not working.
Coming back to the story … wow… where to start.
Maybe with the one tiny tiny thing I disliked … I felt for the whole picture that was created of “Killer/Keller” – his attraction to Britt was to “Instant” for a guy like him – it was too much.
His struggle was portrayed very believable but I feel a slower approach with building up an attraction would have only added a few pages and made the story more real.
Britt’s attraction to him on the other hand was described wonderful and due to her background story it was totally believable and I really loved the approach the author used to explain WHY a person like her would be attracted to a guy like him.
Great move in the plot.
Some stuff was predictable to me yes – but that did not disturb the plot at all at least not for me. I really liked that the story was basically carried by two people whose characters were developed to perfection and the secondary characters were only adding up on those two without having a life of their own. You only hear enough about them to continue the flow of the actual story.
As for the reasons why those two broken souls are the way they are – well – It makes you think about the small decisions you make every day that in normal situations you would never rethink.
But what if one tiny decision – like choosing to wait a few minutes to see something or going earlier than you are supposed to – changes the course of YOUR whole life – or even worse … changes the life of others?
AGAIN wow … what a read…
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