Title :

His Pretend Wife

Author :

Lisette Belisle

Series :


Release date : April 1st 2003
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

A SHAM MARRIAGE… When a near-fatal accident landed loner Jack Slade in the hospital, Abby had only claimed to be his wife to keep her promise to him. Besides, Jack needed her, and she was determined to stay until he was healed. But would her heart recover when it was time to leave? THAT WAS ALL TOO REAL Jack knew better than to get involved with elegant Miss Abigail Pierce. For their marriage was only a pretense, wasn’t it? The kisses they shared didn’t mean anything; the fact that his icy heart was beginning to thaw didn’t matter. Except that he wished Abby would stop being his temporary wife…and become his permanent soul mate.

Review :

It started kind of slow but after a while this book picked up pace and it was a good read. I guess it would be the right choice for winter / christmas …

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