Title :

Cowboy Down

Author :

Vanessa Gray Bartal

Series :

The Kings of Montana #1

Release date : August 9th 2011
Rating : actually 3 + 1 extra Star
Blurb :

Layla Smith has nothing. A former foster child with no job, no family, no home, and no prospects, her future couldn’t be bleaker. And then she witnesses a murder. Now hunted by an assassin, she must enter witness protection, leave Chicago, and head to a location so remote it’s not even on the map.Cade King has everything. Living on his family’s Montana ranch with three brothers, life is just about perfect until an accident alters the course of his life. Now, trapped in anger and helplessness, he resents his new situation almost as much as he resents the newcomer who can’t seem to let him wallow in his misery. Why won’t Layla take the hint and leave him alone? And more importantly, why doesn’t she pity him like everyone else does? Thrown together by circumstance and bound by a connection they can’t comprehend, Layla and Cade begin to let down their defenses and learn to trust each other. As they lower their guards, they realize what they want most may be right in front of them. But the clock is ticking because somewhere a murderer won’t stop until Layla is dead.

Review :

Usually religiously avoiding any books that are based on cowboy related themes I had to give this book one extra star because I actually enjoyed it and found myself marking the following books in that series to read some time in the futureThe writing was good and the story flowed easy even if it contained some of the things that I so dread in cowboy novels (I mean … Cam, Coy, Cade ? really how corny can it get?) it still held my attention and I enjoyed the story

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