Title :

This Song Is (Not) For You

Author :

Laura Nowlin

Series :


Release date : Jan 5, 2016
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :

Bandmate, best friend or boyfriend? For Ramona, one choice could mean losing them all. Ramona and Sam are best friends. She fell for him the moment they met, but their friendship is just too important for her to mess up. Sam loves April, but he would never expect her to feel the same way–she’s too quirky and cool for someone like him. Together, they have a band, and put all of their feelings for each other into music.Then Ramona and Sam meet Tom. He’s their band’s missing piece, and before Ramona knows it, she’s falling for him. But she hasn’t fallen out of love with Sam either.How can she be true to her feelings without breaking up the band?

Review :

This was a crazy read….even more crazy and mixed up then the blurb is preparing you for….

And because I love things that are crazy, I still enjoyed most part of this book!
All characters which are very well developed somehow create a story that makes this book an easy read. It´s one of those books you can just read to relax…One of those books that just create this flow . A flow which sadly was for me not deep enough at some points.
On the one hand I love how important the musical aspects are in this books as the way it´s described really screams : PASSION!
On the other hand this might also be the reason why the genereal story is not deep enough (for me) In the beginning it balanced itself out , but after finishing this book it just felt like I didn´t experience the whole relationship-thing. I like how the characters are all somehow connected through music….and as you will find out also through other things. All in all a nice read!
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