Title :

Confessions of an Ugly Girl

Author :

Alice Wasser

Series :

Ugly Girl Series #1

Release date : June 17th 2015
Rating : 1 Star
Blurb :

Millie Glockenfeld will never fall in love. She will never get engaged. She will never get married. She will never live in a house with a white picket fence and 2.4 children. And all for one very simple reason: She is ugly. Fortunately, one thing Millie has learned over the years is that she doesn’t need a man. She’s got a good job, a loyal best friend, and a crazy but lovable cat lady who lives downstairs from her. What more does a girl need in life? But then one day Millie meets Sam Webber. He is adorably handsome and absolutely perfect (well, almost). And Sam thinks that Millie is beautiful. Now there’s a chance that Millie might get the happy ending she’s always secretly wanted… if only she can learn to look in the mirror and see what Sam sees.

Review :

Unfortunately this is really so far the worst book I read this year. I am not sure how the reader should be able to relate to the main character in any way if the author refuses to describe her in any specific way.

Even there were some funny and witty dialogues in that book – in total the heroine was rather annoying. I think I got it after the 20th time that she was ugly…
Even when asked directly the author refused here on GR to give more details about the heroine. The male lead was nice enough to be liked but still he could not be expected to carry the load of the whole story on him Not with the female lead dragging him down.
Sorry this was a DNF for me …

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