Title :


Author :

Natalie Gayle

Series :

Oni Fighters Book 2

Release date : Dec 1, 2015
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

Have you ever hit a point in your life where everything looks good from the outside but there’s this feeling deep in your gut that tells you something is wrong? Dane Roberts was just an ordinary guy—so he thought. Best friend to MMA fight sensation Xander Todd, and all round decent guy. But now a restlessness surrounds him. Dare he reach for more? Could he too emulate his best friend’s results in the cage? Arianne Le Flegg was a woman starting over, with her son. Running from a past littered with broken promises, manipulation and violent abuse at the hands of family. Violence terrified her on every level. She longed for an “ordinary life”—safety for herself and her son. Can there ever be a future for two people who view violence so differently? One embraces it, the other dispels it. One is seeking the extraordinary, the other ordinary. She longs for the type of man he’s trying to leave behind. For there to ever be a future together, they’ll need to dig deep and decide what really is important to each of them. To do this, they must first accept—The hardest demons to defeat are the ones inside. They’ll have to BelieveBelieve

Review :
“Believe” Oni Fighters Book 2 by Natalie Gayle was another surprising read by this author. Already the first novel “Brave” came as a surprise to me several months ago. And the second one did not disappoint too.
While being basically standalone novels that could be read separate if needed – the author still managed to use a very interesting approach in the storyline. Basically both novels run within the same timeframe.
But if you did not read the first one – you would not necessarily notice this, which is a very intriguing plot. But given the fact that I read the first book, I even sometimes felt compelled to take a look in the other novel to check if the settings really fit or not . (In the end I did not give in to this temptation but still it was an intriguing idea)
Dane is a sweetheart – interesting enough when reading the first book I did not notice that so much – as my focus was totally on Xander. Now on the other side to see Xander again through Dane’s eyes – there was that temptation again to go back and check up on in “Brave” how exactly Xander saw Dane at certain points of the book.
Ari on the other side I could not fully connect to – where Xander’s Eden was a very intense and deep woman – Ari felt cool and sometimes detached to me. I guess the author wanted to transfer the “mathematical” feeling, but at certain points I wondered if there was really a fire from her for Dane. (the other way around it was obvious from the start)
In the End it was a well written and intriguing Novel and I can not wait to read more from this author.
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