Title :

Game of Lies

Author :

Tess Diamond

Series :

O’Connor & Kincaid, #2

Release date : November 2015
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

Time is running out for Special Agent Maggie Kincaid…A Senator daughter has been kidnapped, and the FBI’s best hostage negotiator Agent Kincaid knows something isn’t right. What started as a routine case has spiraled into political conspiracy – with a young girl’s life on the line.Teaming up with ex-forces security expert Jake O’Connor, Maggie must fight the victim’s family and her own FBI bosses to rescue the innocent girl trapped in the middle of this dangerous game – before it’s too late. But when clues from the case trigger memories of her own kidnapping, she discovers that her past demons might be the most deadly enemy of all.

Review :


Me, Tarzan. You, Jane.Stars. You have to read the first book to read the second book in the series.FBI Maggie Kincaid and Jake O’Connor know who the kidnapper is and he is one step ahead of them much to Maggie’s annoyance. I like Maggie. She is passionate, a firecracker. She has a connection to Jake that makes her open up. I love them together they Balance one another out and Jake is amazing. Nice touch on the romance/tingly aspect and it doesn’t take the Spotlight off the main Story. Jake was so accepting of Maggie’s past. I was really into the story and as soon as I was in it I got ripped out of it. Three words I didn’t want to read are to be continued again . I shall be patient for the thrid book. I knew there was a cliffhanger but it still annoyed me not enough to dock a star though. Ms. Diamond writes a solid Story with great suspense and an unpredictable plot.Kayla is still missing we know who it is and the plot behind it is solid. The kidnapper planned it all for five years and covered his tracks but he didn’t cover them well enough. Kayla is a fighter. And the Senator her father is a cruel, coldhearted bastard and well the mum seems to be spineless.The ending was unexpected and to use Ms. Diamonds words you will have to wait for this to be continued. Book supplied by author in exchange for a honest review.

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