Title : Downcast

Author : Cait Reynolds
Series : Olympus Falling, #1
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb : What would you do when faced with an impossible truth? Written with heart and passion, Downcast by Cait Reynolds is ripe with twists you never saw coming and love that defies the odds in this intense new Paranormal Romance retelling one of mythology’s greatest love stories. It’s the start of Stephanie Starr’s senior year of high school, but sadly, this is no life of the prom queen. Stuck at the bottom of the high school social totem pole, Stephanie is forced by her domineering mother to wear lumpy linen dresses and eat organic tofu for lunch in a world of mini-skirts and pizza. What Stephanie doesn’t anticipate is gorgeous and cocky Haley Smith who breaks social convention and pursues her with a determination that is both terrifying and flattering. Afraid that Haley is simply trying to set her up for massive humiliation, Stephanie does her best to push him away. But the more attention he pays to her, the more she runs, and the more everyone else begins to notice. Instead of a loving family to support her as the mean girls make their play, Stephanie’s mother begins to unravel mentally, her possessiveness of Stephanie spiraling to new and frightening extremes. Stephanie is forced to grow up, find herself, and learn the truth about her past in order to save her mother, her friends, and her town. When the truth is revealed, nothing can prepare her for the outrageous reality of her existence…and nothing can save her from her fate. Except Haley.
Review :
What a wonderful novel. This was the first time I read a “remake” of a Greek myth and it was great. I admit that I could feel some of the very popular YA novels sneaking some lines and settings into the plot, which might be my imagination and it did not disturb in any way. If at all it felt comfortable for me to read and the interesting storyline based in ancient Greece gave the book something unique. The characters were good developed and their “placement” in the modern world was funny at times. I might mention without any spoiler a certain dog that made me laugh. There was some great dialog between the leads and the writing of the story was flawless and fluent in total.
Somehow the end leaves me with the feeling of another book to come, which would be a nice touch and I am looking forward to it.
My favorite quotes:
“Are you always this difficult?” Haley asked
“No,” I replied stubbornly.
“I’ve just started being difficult recently, but I’m getting better all the time.”
“You don’t owe me anything,” I replied.
“Friendship doesn’t keep count. It just is.”
> > > I have received this Book as an ARC from the Publisher < < < > > > In Exchange I promised an honest Review < < <
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