REVIEW : Dirty Billions (A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance) by Simone Sowood


July 25, 2016


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Title :              Dirty Billions

Author :           Simone Sowood

Series :            A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

Release date :   July 13th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : I can’t stop wanting her … but can she forgive me?


Collin: I had to leave Jenny behind so I could build an empire worth offering her. Now my nightclubs span the globe, from Paris to Sydney. And while they’ve made me billions, Jenny’s too good to drag into my new world. Her beauty haunts my dreams, but I don’t deserve her anymore. So I stay away. And try to forget her face. I never counted on her tracking me down. Now that she’s stepped back into my world I’ll never let her go. But will she accept my life when she finds out the truth?


Jenny: After Collin disappeared from my life, I tried dating. Didn’t work. Now I’m certain. I’ll never love another man. The nights I spent in his arms have marked me for good. So when I found out he was back in Chicago, I had to see him. No matter how foolish it might have been. One look is all it takes and I’m swept away. The heat between us is as strong as ever, but Collin isn’t the kind of man you settle down with. If I get involved with him, he’ll just leave me and break my heart again. So why can’t I let go?


Dirty Billions is a full-length, standalone steamy bad boy billionaire romance with a guaranteed happy ending.


Review : I was a very happy reader when I was able to start reading my ARC of “Dirty Billions” by Simone Sowood.


The writing is again well developed and you would never guess that this author has just started her writing journey with this series. So already those well developed characters make this read an enjoyable one.


It hasn’t been that long since I read “Jay’s” books so I was still quite into the story setting. When you read “Trusting Jay” and “Loving Jay” you will already know Collin and Jenny as it was quite noticeable that there was a side story going on that the reader was not included in at that time.


Now in “Dirty Billions” we get to hear this story and a lot of blanks are filled. Reading the first two books I was not so sure what to expect of Collin because we do not get to really know him and I must say I was a little surprised.


He was an interesting character and I liked the story that the author came up with. Jenny finally received a face of her own. And I thought the author managed really well to let this story run alongside the already existing story of Jay. Connecting at touching in all the right points / places.


Yet one thing is still left at the end that I had hoped to get a better explanation about. And I am talking about the “Why?” when it comes to Collin. I cannot be more precise in my question due to spoilers but to me Collin did not give enough of an answer / reason … I would have felt better if there would have been a real reason..


But having said that – I think the author did a great job connecting those books without suffocating the reader with too much information. And I am really looking forward what this author will present to her readers next.


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