Heart of Ice by Therese Moore


November 22, 2013


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Title :  Heart of Ice

Author : Therese Moore

Series : N/A

Rating :  3 Stars


Blurb : His good looks and talent had always gotten world-famous cellist James Macgregor what he wanted in spite of a reputation for being a cold-hearted and difficult man. But that before an automobile accident left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Now he finds he must not only deal with the trauma of what he has lost in the accident but also a painful past he has held buried for nearly fifteen years. When the pain and turmoil within him threatens to erupt with tragic consequences, James finds that healing will come from unexpected direction when he meets Mary Lewis. Mary has her own demons to conquer, after being locked in a basement for twenty-two years enduring almost daily sexual assaults. She is afraid to trust anyone, so when she is attracted to the angry and sullen James the staff at the rehabilitation center is more than surprised. Travel with James and Mary from a Georgia Rehabilitation Center to Edinburgh, Athens and New York City as they discover that with faith, love and a little music they must overcome obstacles both past and present if they want to find healing and true happiness.


Review : The story had potential but unfortunately the storytelling is leaving me with the author was  “trying to finish fast” feeling.
“He is doing ” -“she is doing” and all told in a rush as if a third person would be explaining the story to an outsider
All the time you are waiting for an up or down -and there there were enough opportunities – but non was taken even the “bad guy” was handelt when passing by



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